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Khrysos cannabis banking, are you ready?

Banking Re-imagined

With the current exponential growth witnessed in both the global cannabis industry and blockchain technology, cannabis investors stand to benefit a lot from their potential partnership. Within the cannabis industry, there is a growing demand for secured payment solutions as well as fixing the burdensome logistics issues.

About Us


A global blockchain technology company that helps cannabis companies to go cashless in a legal, secure, and cost-effective way

Everything you should know

Khrysos was created to address each of the problems listed above through the launch of its blockchain platform and associated cryptocurrency. Our dedicated team and advisors have worked in close collaboration with the cannabis industry on the development of the platform and its global expansion. We are also partnering with leading international brands and our ICO will soon be open for interested investors. The banks, online payment providers and other related financial institutions have either refused to get involved in cannabis or charge excessively high transaction fees to scare investors because of the constantly changing cannabis laws. For this reason, companies who are selling cannabis products legally are facing a tricky situation. Companies have to figure out how to make their businesses cashless and sell online without breaking any laws and here’s where Khrysos will help.


Yes, we can do that all at once.

  • Farm-to-Finger API

    Provides a secure and immutable ledger that records transaction and interaction taking place between our consumers and the Khrysos ecosystem.

  • Financial services

    As a cryptocurrency designed for the future of payment technology, Khrysos enables instant transfers. By using the Proof-of-Stake (POS) Blockchain Technology, each transaction is guaranteed to be open and secured. Ability to utilize checks, ACH and wires and more...

  • Incentives and Rewards

    Consumers will also be rewarded for actively participating in the Khrysos community while added value items and special discounts will be given to the Khrysos members to increase adoption.

  • Social Networks / Market Portal

    Social network of participants where people will meet to discuss cannabis-related issues and grow the marketplace. This will also be an avenue for content creators to write and post comments on issues while being rewarded

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